Monday, April 14, 2014

Snippets of a Story

Oh the noveling has taken over my life again. I have been dealing with a serious case of daydreaming all April. It got so bad while I was in Karate class and I was being trampled suddenly because I didn't hear out Hanshi say take five steps back. Not to mention I kicked my sister in the head and didn't even realize it. :-) So now you can see how distracting my novel has been. It is like living to lives. A difficult task indeed. But I thought I would share some very UNEDITED work with you guys. Unedited understand? I haven't even read over it again. I am linking up with Snippets of a Story.

Ok, so here is the snippet! Hope you enjoy it despite all my cheesiness! This is a snippet from my novel called First Impact. Read more about it here.

  “Will you be able to make it tonight?” Eric walked down the grocery aisle a basket hanging from his arm loaded already. “What? Jack, I need you.” He groaned and looked back down at his Mom's list. He nodded as he adjusted his cell phone, “Alright, alright, I get it.” He grabbed a box of cereal off the shelf and slipped it into the basket that was already over flowing. “Talk later.” he snapped the phone shut and let it drop into his pocket.

He let his head fall back and stared at the grocery store ceiling. He stomped his right foot to just get some anger out as he looked back down at his list. It seemed like everything was closing in today. After going to detention he got confronted by Jeremy again afterward and was rewarded by a punch in the stomach. Bailey had notified him she wasn't coming that night directly after as he was still recovering in his car. Warren had emailed him as he walked into the grocery store for his Mom to tell him he couldn't meet for their regular meeting the next week. And then Staples and Conan had to call and tell him they were not coming tonight either, this left Eric with Ellie only at the meeting.

Eric walked down the aisle and headed for the freezer section, “God, why? It's like he walls are closing in.” he mumbled as he scrapped his converse shoes across the floor. “Ellie? Really? Why couldn't I be told to love a different girl like a sister?”

He looked down the freezer aisle and stopped mid step. Alisha stood in the hall with her Mom. He spun around the corner and hid behind the boxes of cake mixes in front of him. Ever since their break up he didn't dare go near her. She was sure to give him a tongue lashing. And the last thing he needed was to get it from her and her mom. He had heard it all again and again. Religion is for the weak. You are a stupid fool. Your future is ruined. Church is a crutch for life. We had high hopes for you. Blah, blah, blah. He had heard it all. Eric peered around the corner, they still stood there discussing the flavor of frozen pizza to buy. At last they threw four pizzas in their cart and closed the freezer door. Alisha began pushing the cart his direction to leave the aisle. He panicked and bolted around the other aisle and ran down it.

He turned the corner sharply and collided with an old woman carrying a basket of groceries. They flew from her hands along with her cane as she cam to fall against the shelf of sauce jars.

“What on earth are you doing running in a store, young man?” the woman yelled, while waving her finger in his face.

He hurriedly picked up her cane and handed it to her while picking up her groceries. “It was an accident. I'm sorry. I won't be running next time don't worry.” he assured her.

The woman ripped her basket form his hands and slapped his leg with her cane. “Good then. We don't need someone worse off than me getting run over by a punk like you.” she walked off in a huff leaving Eric standing in the aisle.

He turned his head to see Alisha and her mother gawking at him from where they stood in the middle of the aisle. He was ready for the day to be over.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

If I Had Lunch with C. S. Lewis, Review

If I Had Lunch with C. S. Lewis
By, Alister McGrath

If I Had Lunch with C. S. Lewis, by Alister McGrath is a treasure indeed. If you had lunch with C. S. Lewis you would probably want to discuss those tough questions that Lewis enjoyed answering. Well, McGrath invites you to join him and Lewis to have a lunch and a discussion on those very topics. Using the writings of Lewis, you can read and learn what he would have said on eight different topics including friendship, apologetics, and heaven. Not only will you discuss life's problems, you also get to learn much more about Lewis and his personal life.

I found this book very intriguing. I enjoyed being able to savor every chapter of it slowly, learning from both Lewis and McGrath. What I enjoyed best was getting to know Lewis better, hearing how the different things that happened in his life impacted and changed his writing in many ways. Not only did I learn a lot of history on Lewis himself, I was encouraged and inspired by his determination to prove the existence of God. I enjoyed the fact that McGrath used many quotes from Lewis' books to explain what Lewis would have said to our questions as well as explaining the answer more simply. 

It is definitely a slow read, if you rush you may not be able to enjoy the fullness of Lewis' quotes or the teaching McGrath was explaining. When I had finished it I wanted to learn more of Lewis and wished there had been even more knowledge of his life in the book. But again, the book was more to be discussing life's meaning using Lewis' writing. 

Overall, I loved it. I look forward to reading more of McGraths work, and Lewis'.

Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book to review.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Self image. We all think of it at some point in our lives. We struggle to see ourselves as beautiful. It is a constant battle for some, and nothing at all for others. I deal with it in strange cycles. One day I can't look in the mirror, another day I don't care. Other days I think I might have a chance. Then I wonder, why do I care? I just stare at myself in disgust wondering why I have to look the way I do. But then I cringe as I realize I am mocking the work of God. He is the one who formed me exactly the way he wanted me. He took care in the crafting of my nose, He loved it. He was the one who chose the hair color, because He loved it. I am his artwork. 

I stare at my large eyes, I have always feared they frighten people. My acne seems to be a beacon on my face. My flat hair seems to stick to my head. I hide among my books, pretending to be the perfect girl in each one nothing like the real me. I lie and convince myself it makes all my feelings go away. But it doesn't. I still feel ugly, it is simply bottled up now. I don't look in the mirror, I ignore anything that has to do with image, I try to cope by ignoring myself. It doesn't work. I am still sad, I am still feeling frumpy next to any other girl.  

Ignoring myself  can help me to appear confident on the outside. But I will still be a melting mess inside. God, I have decided to love the body you gave me. I will love this hair, these eyes, this face, because you made it and you love it. This life is to full of other things to be worrying anymore. So much more is waiting for me, it is time to say goodbye to the spirit of fear and insecurity. I am saying hello to confidence and love. God will give me the strength to battle these feelings, to open my eyes and see the beauty God has blessed me with. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Creating Living Characters

Character creation has been a big favorite of mine when it comes to novel writing. I am making these brand new unique people just waiting for their stories to be told. And boy do they all have stories! What I have learned the most this time is how to create characters that actually feel real. After reading this post from Go Teen Writers, I was really excited. Getting rid of list? No more of those wonderful things that seemed so orderly? I thought I would give it a try, and boy was I surprised.

I began with a regular old interview, I just let my character talk. I closed the laptop, lit a candle and cuddled into a cozy chair to listen to this girl's tale with a notepad and pen. Ellie Fletcher. A harsh broken fourteen year old girl with a lot to say. It was so neat to hear her stories, how her dad left when she was seven, how she never had any real friends, how she had always felt over weight. New things just flow from these characters as you go, things you had no idea they had experienced.  
She truly seemed to come alive, it was amazing.
Ok, she doesn't really look like Ellie. But the whole feel is just like her!
Ellie Fletcher
Don't get me wrong, lists are great. In fact it is a wonderful idea to use them! But it is also great to try out just listening to these characters, putting away the grid, just letting them speak for themselves. 

Well, that's what I have learned from writing this past week.
Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out Go Teen Writers, it is a wonderful resource!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snippets of a Story

Hi all! I just wanted to post a little Snippet of a Story I was working on this past month. Nothing much, the story still needs a whole lot of research and work, but I am enjoying doing it. Historical fiction has always been a favorite of mine, I decided to undergo an attempt at it with this novel themed during the time of World War II. Is is from the perspective of a young German named Dieter, torn between his family loyal to their country, or his love for Jesus and knowledge of the truth.  

Hope you enjoy this snippet!

Eric stepped over a large puddled and turned quickly down a narrow street. Dieter hated this, Eric’s attempts at out witting him. Loosing him in the crowd to get home alone. He always wondered why Eric was always trying to get rid of him. He never seemed on best terms with him.
Dieter tried not to be rude as he pushed past people on the streets, trying to keep Eric’s jet black hair in sight.

That’s when it happened. This seemed to happen to often. Three thin yet tall boys jumped from the street. One gripped Dieter by the collar and shoved him into a small ally, the other two gripped his wrists. The leader of the three slammed him into the brick wall of the building, sending pain up Dieter’s spine.

“So the boy decides to pay up finally!” the first boy yelled, holding Dieter by the collar.
He tried to pulled free but was back handed across the face by the boy. The two boys next to him held Dieter’s arms against the wall.

“Let me go, Ralph.” He growled, as menacingly as he could.

The boy laughed his dark eyes looking down with anger, “Not until I am payed!”

Dieter forced himself forward, but was slammed back into the bricks again. “What for? I have nothing to do with you.”

Ralph turned to the boys holding Dieter back and laughed, “Täuschen!” the boy yelled at him, then to the boys, “You hear that? He assumes we don’t know. Must we remind you?”

Dieter closed his eyes and forced his head down, “Leave me alone.”

Ralph shoved Dieter’s chin up and starred into his eyes with hate, “I will speak, my lips aren’t sealed for anyone unless payed. How long until they come searching for you?”
The two boys next to Ralph dug into Dieter’s coat pockets.

“How much is on him?” he questioned, still locking eyes with Dieter.

Dieter could here the clink of change in the boys hand’s as they counted.
“Less than a forth of the usual.” One boy grumbled.

Ralph smirked,”Guess you are gonna have to pay us tonight.” He let go slowly of Dieter’s coat, “I will be seeing you around the back of your house, midnight. Bring the usual.”

Dieter straightened his coat and shoved the two boys of with one jerk, “and what if I you don’t?”

Ralph’s eyes turned wickedly as he stepped forward. One well planted fist sent Dieter breathless into the wall. His stomach screamed in protest as he slumped against the bricks. Don’t hit back, don’t hit back, the only words that screamed in his mind. He hated the thought of how easy it would be to take these boys down. Yet he couldn’t do it. Not when his savior had taught him not to.

The boy leaned forward over Dieter’s gasping form, “You know.” He stooped lower and whispered, “Wir beobachten. They are watching as well. How long will it take for your passionate brother to accidentally find out?”

Dieter knew of what he spoke. He refused to let it register, he couldn't let that chilling name enter his mind. The boy pushed Dieter’s hunched form back to the ground.

"The Gestapo search." the voice hissed.

With that, he was left alone in the street breathing deeply, realing from he cutting words.