Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cake Decorating Class!

I finally finished the course! I am so glad. I am now able to decorate my siblings cakes!
We took a Wilton cake decorating class at Hobby Lobby. 
Our teacher was really nice, she would really try to help you work at it if it was hard.
Here is the picture of my final cake:

 We learned the basket weave for the side of the cake.

 I made the flowers out of gum paste.

What do you think? 



  1. oh its lovely!!! I always wanted to take cake decorating classes

  2. O my gosh!! Thats amazing!!!
    ~lily bellefluerphotography.blogspot.com

  3. That's so fun Melody! I would love to take a cake decorating class someday. Great job!

  4. Wow, that amazzzing(:
    I take Wilton Cake decorating too, and it really fun.
    Go check my blog here: http://lovejoypeace3.blogspot.ca/
    And on top you see CAKE DECORATING, just click on it and you will see couple of my cake.(They are not pretty as your(:

    Your sister in Christ,


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