Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hannah got a Bird!

Yesterday Hannah came home from the bird store (To clip love birds wings) with her love bird (Pippin) and a parrotlet! Daddy got it for her as a early birthday present (her birthday is on the 26th).
 He is very active, Pippin is more laid back but he is always crazy!
He likes to hang upside-down and his beak to be rubbed.
 I got a few pictures of him to show you all along with a few of Pippin.
His name is Frodo! You see, we are kind of doing a "Lord of the Rings" theme.:)
Plus hobbit names are cute for birds!
Here he is!

And here is Pippin.



  1. CuTe! My friend has 2 two just like that except one's blue and the other yellow. :)

  2. Hey I got my pumpkin earrings!!! I LOVE THEM! Thank you!

    ~Ali H.

  3. I have a love bird too and my mother clips his wings.
    We have a parekeett too! Come over and see my bird unit study from last week and you will see pictures of my bird.

  4. Awwwwwwwww! *sighs* Okay, the first picture of Pippin is ADORABLE!! Frodo is way way cute. Can't wait to see them! ;) There should be calenders with pictures of Pippin on it. He is pretty much the cutest bird I've ever seen.
    Kathleen :)


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