Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We went to the Legoland in Florida!
  Never did I ever think we would  go to Legoland! We went with our church and our cousins. It was great! I thought it would be for younger children, but it turned out to be for the whole family. The rides were not to scary, and there were things for children of all ages. We are hoping to go back, it was so much fun! Here are some pictures of Legoland!

 Waiting for them to open!

Miniworld in Legoland!
 A race track.

The crowed waiting for the race to start!

picnicking near the pool.


I just loved this one!

 Washington DC.

Some colorful beach houses!

Abigail and Violet doing Jr. driving school!

Abigail in her car.

Violet was loving it!

Entering the Lego castle!

 We were riding rides almost the whole time so I don't have many pictures:)

Violet and Kelsey rescuing a burning building;)

They are best buds!

Christiana doing Lego jousting.


And Abigail!

We saw this statue and she is trying to tempt pigeons to come to her for her pie!

Abigail and Christiana playing with a Lego model. 

The rides were great, I think that the dinosaur ride was best! But while I was going up the big hill with my friend Gabby we thought our bar seat belt came unlatched, So I was screaming and holding it down the whole time! Gratefully it was not unlatched! I think the scariest was the Technic car ride, that one was sooooo creepy it like dropped so fast I thought I was going to die! 
It was so fun and worth the money! I hope we can go again for my Birthday next year! 



  1. Love those of me with V! She is such a sweetie :)
    Hope to be posting on this subject soon!
    Love you and thanks again for going on the dragon with me!

  2. Wow... that looks like a lot of fun!!! :) Thanks for sharing, Melody.

    In Christ,

  3. Legoland was so much fun! :)
    I never got to say bye to your cousins last night.. so tell them I said bye and that it was nice to meet them! lol :)


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