Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Purity Ring

Yesterday was my birthday. 
I turned 13 so my parents took me out to the Cheesecake Factory and gave me my purity ring. 
My purity ring is a symbol of how I have given my heart to my father and it belongs to him until I am married. Cheesecake Factory was great! We went to the guitar center after and I got to play some of the acoustic guitars (I am learning.)
Here are a few Pictures of my ring:
It has my birth stone in it. I need to get it sized so I wear it on my pointer finger till I do.

Here is me with Mommy and Daddy at the Cheesecake Factory right after they gave me the ring.

I also got this Madam Alexander Baby Doll.

 Isn't she so sweet?



  1. Looks like fun! Your ring is so pretty!! I got my purity ring when I was 14 :) Its one of those Irish cladah rings. Happy birthday!!

  2. Melody- I cannot believe that you are 13! It seems like yesterday you were 3 and following Hannah and I around in our escapades...

    I love you- your ring is SO TOTALLY YOU!

  3. You are officially a teenager and your ring is so pretty, just like the gal wearing it. Glad you had fun! It's such a joy to see you girls become young women.
    Big Hugs from Mrs. W!


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