Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Take a Stand for the Innocent!

God has really laid the issue of abortion on my heart. So many just don't know what they are doing. 120,000 Babies are killed every day by abortion!  God clearly says in the Bible "Thou shalt not murder."! How can we sit idly by when children are being murdered?! I challenge you all to take a stand with me this month, and post on your blog why abortion is wrong. Prove that you care! Let's take a stand for those with out voices! Show young ladies what a big mistake they could make.
 They just don't know what they are missing.
 A human life that God created.
unborn baby

Check out this pro-life movie! It is soooo awesome! 
You may want to ask your parents if you can see it first.

(Warning Graphic Images)

Here is another great track about abortion:

Put one of these in your post if you would like.
So will you take a stand? Will you speak for those with no voice!



  1. I'll do a post on my blog about abortion sometime soon. I think I'll use the 180 video with it. That track is really intense!

  2. you are right, babies are inocent, i hope to stop abortion some day,


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