Monday, December 19, 2011

Gingerbread House Contest!

Hey all! My family made gingerbread houses the other night, and now is the time to vote!
 I am not saying who made each. 
Vote on the sidebar!

Peppermint Cottage:

Mike and Ike's Home:

Mint Mountain Lodge:

A Sweet Christmas:

 A Winter Christmas:

A Candy Wonderland:

North Poll Inn:


Vote on the side bar and comment if you think who made each one!



  1. How can on epossibly pick one! They are all wonderful =) I gotta admit, that the "North Pole Inn" appeals to the part of me that strives for order... I love all of the candies lined up in a row! and such a nice, soft color scheme. But hten, the heart on the "Pink" is pretty charming! Love them all! Now the pool n the background... that's just odd! It's snowing and raining outside here...

  2. I have a Q: Did James Make The Candy Wonderland? Cause If he did i Pick That One!!!!

  3. I just now saw this. You all did a great job! I'm going to go vote now!!!


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