Monday, January 2, 2012

Lamplighter Publishing: Publishing Rare Books

Hello all! I wanted to right about Lamplighter Publishing because of the effect it has had on my life.
 They have published many books that have moved me, that I would probably never have found if it was not for them. I wanted to share some of there best publishing. 
My First Favorite: True To The Last
True to the Last

My Second Favorite: Seven Days Left
Seven Days Left

My Third Favorite: The Lost Clue
The Lost Clue

What is your favorite book? Is it a Lamplighter? Do you own any lamplighters? If not you should check out there website, and if you buy anything use the code: LAMP55 and you get 15% of your enter purchase!



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Lamplighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For Christmas I got The Robbers Cave and some friends gave us Hedge of Thorns and The Unexpected Return (I think that is the name). I have listened to The Hedge of Thorns and part of The Unexpected Return. LOVE THEM!!!!

  2. Ooh, love Lamplighter! I think my top three have to be A Peep Behind the Scenes, The Basket of Flowers, and Titus (Comrade of the Cross). I love all of them, though=) So nice to come across another blogger who loves them, too.

    Keep going on your blog, Melody. You have a beautiful heart for G-d which you can plainly see throughout your posts=)

    In Christ,


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