Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New Years Ball 2011!

Hello all! We went to our friends New Years Ball a few days ago, and we had a wonderful time! James had the best time ever dancing! You had to dress as a historical character, so let's see if I can remember all of my siblings costumes.... Ok, Amy went as my Mommy and wore her real wedding dress, Hannah went as our great grandmother and wore her real wedding dress also, I just wore a princess dress I got for Christmas, John-David dressed as Florida cavalry, Emma went as a princess also, James went as my Daddy when he got married, Abigail went as a  princess also and so did Violet, Daddy went as Johann  Sebastian Bach and Mommy as his wife! 

Now for some pics!

My dear Mama.

 Alyssa C.

 Drinking some coffee punch

 Ready to dance!

 John-David and Emma about to dance!

(This was the second pic I took this year!)

Amy and James going over some dances.

Me and John-David after our favorite dance!

 Baby Enoch!

 Lauren and her dance partner Brennan.:)

 Poor Violet getting sleepy! 

 Abigail sleeping on Kelsey....

In the middle of the dance "The Waves of Tory"

Abigail and Mama.

 And my dear John-David.
 Thanks so much for enduring me dragging you through the dances!

Dancing was so much fun! 
And thanks to one family there who was teaching us to dance we had a great time!
Thank you Morton Family for hosting the ball! 



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