Thursday, February 16, 2012

A.I.O. Review of the Week: Telemachus

Album: Hidden Treasure
Episode: Telemachus Part 1 and 2             
Theme: Sacrificing for What's Right
Verses:John 15:13

Whit tells the story of a monk trying to learn to be Christlike.  He finds out that you can not run and hide from danger when someone needs your help, even if you feel like it's not your job to fight. His stand against gladiators cost him his life, but saved many lives after. 
I absolutely love this episode, it shows you that you need to stand up for what you believe. I do recommend for younger listeners to listen with an older sibling or parent (for violence and things they may not understand). 

Listen to the episode here: "Telemachus Part 1"
                                              "Telemachus Part 2"
Buy episodes here: "Telemachus Part 1 and 2"


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