Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Can we Give up these Comforts of the World?

I have been reading a lot about missionaries, and am seeing how many earthly things they had to give up. They gave up so many comforts of the world to serve Christ. Could you give those up? Sure we can all say "Of course I could!"  But before you say that think about it...... Give up your books, CD players, jewelry, computers,  microwaves, movies, couches, pillows, electricity, and air conditioning ect. Let us thank God for the times we have them. But, let us not be tied to them so that we could not go with out them.

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  1. VERY good thoughts, Melody. "I'm not lucky...I'm blessed," is such a good reminder. However, it is important to remember- yes, G-d has blessed me- how do I go out and share these blessings with the world?

    On a side note: I'm hosting a photo-challenge at my blog and thought you may be interested=) It is a "photo-edit" challenge. ANd you have some lovely photography skills, so I hope you enter=)


    In Christ, many blessings,



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