Friday, April 20, 2012


Drawing "I have found Hope"
I know that I have not been posting for the past weeks.... I have been working some drawings.  I am hoping to start posting a few pictures of my drawings for you to see, but I am like I said very busy. One artist that has helped inspire me to draw is Charles Schulz, his "Peanut" comics inspired me greatly! I read a small biography of him and was greatly blessed to hear him say that everyone has there own style, some have the talent to draw realistic and others the talent to draw cartoons. It gave me comfort to know that just because I am not good at realistic drawings does not mean I am bad at drawing, My style is more on the cartoon side. And just because you can't draw just like someone else does not mean you can't draw, It just is not your style.   Do any of you like to draw? Do you have any tips?



  1. That is lovely! You are very talented at drawing:) I do enjoy drawing a lot, as well. :) I draw horses, people, and nature mostly. :) I love working on shading.

    Thank you for sharing, Melody! :)


  2. Charles shulz? No way! Receny i have been looking at peanufs comics and trying to draw them! Weird..

  3. Love that Mel! You are so talented.
    I can't draw at all :)
    Have a great Sabbath!
    Love you bunchs!


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