Thursday, May 31, 2012

Siblings, Tongues, and Fires.

Amy, Hannah, Me (Holding Violet),
 John-David (Holding Peter),
 Emma, James, and Abigail
Watching new sprouts pop up from my garden, and seeing how fragile they are makes me think of my siblings. We can so easily let words slip out of our lips that could break their fragile stems. We may say things that we might not realize hurt them until you find out that thous words tore them down to almost nothing. We must be so careful. The tongue is a great fire. Like James said "With it we bless our Lord and father and with it we curse mankind, made in the likeness of God." Let us try to BLESS mankind, made in the likeness of God ALSO! Lift your siblings up! Even the smallest remark on how good there hair looks today, or how well they did there choirs. Anything can easily bring a smiling sibling, instead of a hurt sibling from your brutal words. I am really preaching to myself. I find especially when I am reading, writing, or working on a project, that I just really say some nasty things to get my siblings to leave me alone. We just need to snap out of that "I want to do what I want" Mode, and put our full attention on our siblings. Put out the fire of our tongues! Use the tongue for lifting up!


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  1. Oh Melody, what an incredible encouragement...especially this morning...I'll talk to you about it later!



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