Monday, June 4, 2012


It is so funny. Every time I read another book I say "This is the best book ever!". And I have to say it again "THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!". I just finished "The Robbers Cave". The author A.L.O.E (A Lady Of England) is just so talented! Her other books (The Wanderer in Africa, the Giant Killer, and the Battle) Are all so good, but this one is far the best!
It goes like this:
A young English man Horace, and his mother are traveling through Italy when they are attacked by robbers. The robbers keep Horace as hostage and order his mother to beg (using her wealth) for the release of one of the robbers son, as she would for her own sons life. Anything that happens to the robbers son, will happen to her son. While Horace is in captivity he meets a man named Raphael who is a fellow Christian. Raphael's brother Enrico is part of the band of robbers, Raphael's goal in staying with the robbers is to show them the way to Christ and to be a doctor to them. Enrico is in charge of making sure Horace never escapes. One day Raphael finds out some thing terrible has happened to the robbers son in prison. 
Horace knows what is coming but what is he to do?

Want to know more? Read the book! :) They have also made a lamplighter audio drama of it!
You just HAVE to read it! After reading it you may change your mind on your best book ever!


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