Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Brave Heart

Ok, I know that I have been going a little "book crazy" for the past few weeks. But I just finished yet another "BEST BOOK I EVER READ!" called "The Brave Heart". It is sweet and suspenseful! So you wanna hear the story!
 Here it goes:
Leo, Willy, and their mother live together in a cozy little cottage on the seaside. One day their mother discovers that she is being falsely accused of owing a large some of money to her dead husbands cousin. She knows they will have to sell their home to pay the great debt. Leo could not stand to see his mother lose her loved home. He gets a job on a whale catching boat headed for the Arctic oceans, he will be paid the exact price that they owe. He only tells his brother Willy about him leaving, knowing that his mother would be heart broken to think of him leaving and never let him go. He begs God to reassure him that he was wise in not telling his mother. Leo tells Willy that after he sets sail to tell his mother everything.  If she sent him with her blessing, he told him to hang a white sheet to the peek of their house. While Leo sailed by he could see it and be sure he did the right thing. When he set sail the next day he stared long at his house waiting for the white sheet. Finally he could see the house no more and there had been no white sheet. He burst to tears.

You want to hear thew rest? Read the book! It is so worth reading!

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  1. Agh, you can't leave me hanging like that! I'll definitely try to check out that book - sounds really good! Lamplighter is pretty amazing.

    Oh, and I awarded you at my blog!


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