Wednesday, July 4, 2012

236 years ago.......

Wow, it has only been 236 years since our country decided to break away from Great Britain. But do we still take into account the lives it took to get that freedom? When they signed the declaration of independence that did not free us, It was a way of saying "We are ready to start our own country free of the power of the king, we are ready to establish a country one nation under God.". The lives of the men who fought for our freedom, is what did finally give us the freedom we have. But let us not forget them as we, go see family, let of fireworks, have a cook out. All those things are a wonderful way to celebrate freedom, but let them not run over those who died to give us freedom. And let us not forget to thank God for helping them to form a nation that has the freedom we have.  
Have you ever really read the declaratin of independence and understood it? I found this book from our library:It is so helpful to understand it! With fun illustrations on every page, it has the entire declaration of 

independence! It truly makes it so easy to under stand!



  1. Awesome, Mel! Wonderful reminder to keep everything in perspective....

    love you ;-)

  2. Thank you for this's so easy to forget with all of the festivities!


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