Saturday, July 21, 2012

my little brother Pete

Not a day goes by that I can't help but tell this boy how cute he is!
I managed to get him into this dog outfit a few weeks ago.
It was mine when I was three and I loved wearing it, but for some reason all of my siblings hated wearing it. Finally I got Peter to wear it! 
Pete and his dog

Pete and me
 He is hardly afraid of a thing, he absolutely loves playing in water! 

Oh, is he not the cutest!? 
He has been talking a lot lately, it is so much fun hearing him talk!
Yesterday we watched "Prince Caspian" and Pete was going crazy, he was having so much fun! 
Whenever he watches a movie (Which it is rare for him to see one) He acts like he is in it! 
In all of the battle scenes he was waiving his arms around and clapping. 

And a few days ago we took him to the zoo, he went crazy over the giraffes!  
What a joy it has been to have him in our lives! 
We love him so much and can't wait to see what God does in his life!



  1. He is adorable, Melody! :) I love the little dog outfit.



  2. Boy, I missed him!!!

    He's such a little stinker- it's a good thing he's so cute :-)


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