Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What I have been up to

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.
 I have been working on Lamplighter's summer reading challenge!

Two years ago we entered their reading challenge,
 me and my brother won these audio dramas: The Basket of Flowers and Charlie's Choice 
Me and my church have all been doing it this year, and let me tell you what a joy it is to do all together! 
All ages of readers are aloud to enter, and the prizes are great! 
See if you can win a free audio drama or ebook by clicking on the image above.
It is is great way to encourage readers and have fun as a family!
I will be posting video we made from a lamplighter book soon!

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  1. Oh, that sounds like fun! Can't wait for the video! :)

    And, my goodness, I'm not sure how I missed the post before this one, but - wow! Those are some amazing pictures!! I love flowers. ;)


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