Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Working on My Art

I just wanted to share about a good friend of my family... Mrs. Mistiuk. She teaches art and she did a class with me and my sister Hannah.  She is just so sweet! She dose the most beautiful paintings check out her website to see some! I wanted to show some pictures I did in the class.

Here was the first picture I did. 
Sure needs help!

Here was one of the first shaded pictures I did.

 Here is a shaded picture of something glass.

 After the class she taught us how to draw things from photos.
I drew this picture of me when I was three.

And here is a picture I drew from my head of the hobbit "Pippin"
 from, "The Lord of the Rings"

I think I would like to be a illustrator when I am older. I still have a lot of work ahead of me if I do want to do that. But I won't get any were unless I try! So I have been working on Illustrating "The Lord of the Rings" for fun. Maybe one day I will make a illustrated copy of it.
 But I'm just praying and asking God to help further my in my talent of art. 
Thank you so much Mrs. Mistiuk for teaching me and helping me in my art!



  1. Wow! ;) You draw good pictures! :) I love the one of you sleeping. Good job, Melody!

  2. Oh, Melody- you and your siblings are blooming into such wonderful artists! I love you dearly!!!



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