Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Study the Bible for Yourself, by Tim LaHaye : An amazing help to me in studying

"How to Study the Bible for Yourself". This book has been an amazing help to me when reading my Bible in the morning! My Daddy picked this book up for me at the Christian book store. For a while I would read a passage in the Bible, get out a pen and pad, then just stare at it trying to figure out what to right. I would right down a few verses I liked, but I never really understood HOW to study. This book gives you sheets to go over, questions to answer for each chapter, and it gives you the order you should read the Bible in to help strengthen you in your faith. It says to start by reading "1 John" SEVEN times before studying anything else. This book of the Bible is about assurance of salvation, which is why it should be our first book to read. Next read the gospels of "John" and "Mark" twice, to help you to learn more about our Savior Jesus. I could just go right through the list on what to read, but I will just let you read the book for yourself. I was so blessed to read the chapter in it that talked about what to read, because it has always been a struggle on what to read in the morning. I also was able to concentrate more during church by using the methods they say to use while studying a passage of scripture. This book I HIGHLY recommend to everyone. It is truly a "must read" for all Christians.

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