Monday, September 24, 2012

a bud in motion.......

 I have been contemplating when I am to put away with my "childish things".
Reading "Beautiful Girlhood" has really helped me in this changing time of my life. It helps me to understand what is changing in me and why.  I am now coming to the time were it's time for the "childish things" to be put away, and let the new things and interest spring up. When I turned 13 I was a little frightened of the changes that I knew were coming. I was always afraid of embarrassing my self in some way all the time. I felt like I got in everyone's way and my arms were growing a little to long. I felt like singing was a burden, my voice was loosing it's high range. I felt like drawing was getting harder, it was not fitting to my new high standard. 
I am so glad that God is carrying me on his shoulders through this hard stage of life. 
I know it is only a short while, and in the end I know God has a wonderful plan drawn out for my life. 
I am just a bud going through the motions of blooming.

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