Friday, September 7, 2012

Goals for September

 I have picked a few goals I wish to accomplish this month.

I am hoping to get at least two of them accomplished before the end of the month.
It struck me to write down the goals I wish to accomplish when I read Lauren's post.
I love setting goals, it really helps me to focus and not waist any free time in the day.
I suggest you set some of your own goals for the month. They don't have to be huge, they could be as simple as cleaning out a closet. I write them on a piece of colored paper and tape it on my wall so that I don't forget what I should get done. 


  1. I agree, Mel- even though I've already told you this in REAL LIFE ;-)

    I should go make my "goal list" too... My problem is choosing only TWO things- what TWO things are most important to me??? I have such a wide variety of interests... But I do think your idea of having a list with several things is great- just as long as two out of that list get's done, your good! ;-)

  2. Yes! Goals! :)
    I need to make some goals for myself. :)
    p.s. I awarded you over at my blog.


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