Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I am made in the image of Christ

my blessings for sisters and me
Of late, I have been feeling a little down about my appearance. Like, my arms are always in the wrong place or hitting against a wall. My hair is never smooth and my part is always wrong. My braces just aren't appealing and I feel like they will never end after four years with them.  
But then I take a step back, and I look at the wonderful blessings of life God has given me. I have two legs fullly capable of walking. I have two blue eyes that have no problems at all. I have two hands that can write and draw. I have straight hair that is very easy to brush and leave down any day all day. But above all, I have a Father in heaven who looks at me and sees my heart. My outward appearance is of no concern when it comes to Him looking at me. I really should be more concerned with learning how to live a better christian life then fixing my hair. I'm so glad to have my two older sisters to help encourage me on this subject. It is so nice to spend two hours at night talking about this and being encouraged in many subjects.
I am so glad that the Lord has helped my to overcome this issue in my life. I now am able to look in the mirror and say "God sees my heart and I am so glad for the body He has given me!".  If you struggle with the same issue, why don't you look at all the things your body is able to do. Your body was handcrafted by a God who loves every part of you and sees your heart like no one else can.


  1. I loved this post! It really encouraged me:)

  2. Melody, you are beautiful!
    May God bless you for your transparency and willingness
    to encourage others!
    Mrs. Beth


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