Monday, October 1, 2012

autumn is here.......

Central park in Autumn
by Thomas Kinkade
Hello all! I can't believe this last quarter of the year has come upon us! 
This year seems like it's flying by! I love this rest of the year though.... It may be my favorite time of the year. That may be because my birthday is on November 4. :-) 
Here in Florida we don't start to really feel autumn until late October or early November. 
It is nice that we don't need to were coats until December, but I still miss the leaves turning different colors up north. But to help with the feeling that it's not fall, I like to just light candles that are fall scented. We also like to decorate the house for fall with leaf garlands and such. Last year, we got all of the leftover pumpkins from a pumpkin patch that they were going to throw away. I posted about it here
We now have loads of pumpkin in our freezer, so we have no lack of the autumn feel when it comes to breakfast or treats. :-)  

For school we made a pinata because we were studying Mexico. 
We dipped pieces of news paper into glue and layered them all over a balloon. 

 When it was dry I decorated it to look like the Mexican flag.
Here's the finished product! About to be smashed by Violet. 

Do you like this time of year?
Why or why not?
Have you ever made a pinata before?

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  1. Well...that is one fancy pinata!
    Great job you guys!
    Love you all!


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