Monday, November 12, 2012


A child like faith. What is that? I can remember when I was younger never struggling with having faith. I just knew that I could have faith in Jesus. I never doubted. Oh how I wish that faith could have lasted forever! But as I got older, I began  to start to question things. I started to try to figure out why I trusted Jesus, and why I knew he would always be there for me. I began to read through my bible more then ever. Searching for the answers to all my questions. Was he really there for me? Would he help me in times of need? Could I get anything I wanted if I prayed for it? Would he heal anyone I asked him to? Because I was a christian would I be blessed with riches?  The more I read, the more I realized that I could trust Jesus fully. My faith was renewed, I began to have faith and trust him because I knew. I knew that He was the only person I could put all my hope in, all my trust, and all my faith. I had a child like faith once again.

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  1. Mel, wow, this is so true! I experienced this same thing.

    The Bible tells us to search the scriptures to show ourselves approved, to test ourselves to see if we are truly of the faith, to be diligent to make sure of our calling-- I think that maybe God gives us that sort of "dryspell" in our walks (especially when we hit our teen years) so that we are drawn to seek answers, to His Word. I get discouraged when I feel like that-- empty. But I am encouraged that "He chastises those He loves..." He gives me that questioning heart so that I am driven to my knees, driven to His Word, so that He can reveal Himself to me even more fully than I knew Him before.

    Love you, sweetie!


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