Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Shop, and a GREAT Book I Read!

Hello all! Wasn't my sister sweet? I could go on for hours bragging about her! But, I have some things to show you all. I have been working on my etsy shop to earn money for the Lamplighter Guild
Tell me what you think of my new items!
I am hoping to be putting out some Christmas items soon! If you have any ideas of things I can make from polymer clay, feel free to contact me on etsy or comment! I love hearing other peoples ideas! I have been doing A LOT of crafts and sewing projects lately. I will have to show y'all some soon!

I recently finished reading a book called The Haunted Room by, A.L.O.E (or A Lady Of England).
It was REALLY good! I was so encouraged! If you like Lamplighter Publishing's books you will love this! It is written by the author of The Giant Killer, and The Robber's Cave. It really is encouraging for those with pride issues, mistrust and fear issues, and a love for folly and selfishness issues. Do't be afraid to admit you struggle with one of them. Because I struggle with pride like the character Bruce
It shows how the character's master over their struggles! It is very gripping and exciting, I read almost the entire thing in one night! It is a must read for everyone!
You can get it free on kindle!

Well, I hope you all are having fun decorating for Christmas and baking!


  1. Melody, thanks for the book review...I haven't read that one yet but it sounds like a great book!

    Btw: Mr. Hamby edits most of the books (the theology in the originals are often a bit off) so the book on Amazon (for the kindle) might be very different than the one published by Lamplighter.

  2. no clay ideas but i sell duct tape stuff at some of my moms shows, you should try it


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