Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pages by, Leeland

Recently, me and my sister Hannah have been listening to the band Leeland. (All my friends think I'm obsessed! I AM NOT!)  Anyway, each of their songs has a wonderful message behind it. I especially like While We Sing, The Great Awakening, and Tears of the Saints.  
I have been especially blessed by the song Pages.  It is about when we stand before God on judgment day he will hold a book of our life, and the song continues to ask if your life was lived for Christ.  While listening to it one line hit me, Was my passion just to know Him. I began to wonder "Will people know that my passion was to know Him? Can people see that I love Him more then anything imaginable?" It gave me a new yearning to show people that I have a great passion to know more about Jesus! I love Him so much, it makes me cry to think about the day I will finally get to hug Him. It makes my heart break to see those searching for Him but can't find Him. I want to lead them to the one who gave me so much and loves me! I pray that my passion for Him will lead them to Jesus!

Here is part of the song Pages:

Who was I and where was I going
What kind of fruit were my actions growing
Staring at the pages
He'll be staring at the pages of my life
Was my passion just to know Him
Did I really let it out and show Him
Staring at the pages
He'll be staring at the pages of my life

You can listen to the song Pages or Leeland's album The Great Awakening here on Grooveshark. 

Tell me what you think of their music!


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  1. No worries Mel!!! I DO NOT think you are obsessed!!!! :P
    Can't wait to see your braces! Alyssa, you and I all have green and red!!
    Love you!!!


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