Monday, December 31, 2012

Pride, part one

Alright, I'm going to start this out with asking how many here have a problem with pride? Now don't be to prideful to say it, I think we all deal with at least a small amount of pride! That's why I decided to do a series on Philippians 2. If you have not read it before, it's theme is Christ's example of humility. 
So let's start one verse 3, Do nothing from selfishness or conceit, 
But in humility count others more significant than yourselves.
This verse has always been a favorite of my family. The definition of selfishness is, Devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one's own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others. Isn't that funny that when we read that definition it reminds us to well of ourselves. It's so easy for me to be concerned primarily with my own interest, and forget about my siblings interests.  I will be reading a book and one of them comes up wanting me to play legos with them. I am doing something I think is very important, at least more important than playing legos. But then I forget that spending time with them is a treasure not long to have.  I am only going to have them for a small part of my life, I need give my time for them.  We can be selfish so easily and not even notice.
Let's move on to the definition of Conceit, An excessively favorable opinion of one's own ability, importance. Wow...... That one is to true with me. :( 
When we act with conceit we are putting ourselves up for disappointment when someone comes to us with something we have done wrong. We become offended, angry, and upset with them.  But should we act in such a way when our Lord Jesus was beaten and spit upon for no reason, yet he did not say a word?
Ok, so now we see what we have been doing and what we have got to change. So how should we act?
Let's look at the definition of humble, Not proud or arrogant; modest, having a feeling of insignificance, inferiority, subservience. If we can just remember that we are not so important as we see ourselves! Ah it would be so much easier! But our sinful hearts want everyone to treat them better then everyone else. Which is the complete opposite of this verse!   But in humility count others more significant than yourselves.
Alright. I am going to go in more detail on that part in my next post. So for now, let us work on getting rid of all selfishness and conceit. It is difficult to pinpoint it when it happens, so that is why we must ask God to reveal it to us. Pray for Him to show it to you so that you may turn away.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I believe that pride is primary root sin of our flesh--almost all of our own sin is connected to our pride. And Scripture provides only two ways to be humble...we can choose to serve or we can wait till God humbles us. I've noticed that the hardest thing about being humbled is that I never see how prideful I am until the LORD pulls the floor out from under me and I fall and land hard! I can't wait to read your thoughts and comments in this series!


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