Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bruchko, on the top of best books ever!

Ok, all my friends are probably quit tired of hearing me talk about this book. So I am going to talk a little bit about it to get it all out ;)  
Bruchko, a true story of a nineteen year old traveling to the jungles of South America to minister to a tribe known for their fierce treatment towards outsiders. I had always wanted to read this book but we didn't buy it till I needed it for school. I enjoyed it so much I finished it way ahead of the deadline! Bruce Olson, a young seventeen year old wishes to become a missionary after reading an entry in a magazine about a tribe of Indians in South America. Without his parents blessing or consent he begins earning money for a trip there. Discouraged by all his family and friends he pushes hard towards doing what he feels God wants him to do. When he does arrive in the South American Jungle he had no idea what an adventure he is in for! I was so inspired by it I couldn't contain myself! The way the Indians react towards Christianity was so amazing! I felt like my faith was so small after reading it. It encouraged me to put all of my faith in Christ, and stop worrying about things. I really can't give it enough praise! It is a MUST READ for every Christian! (Especially you, Gabby! You would LOVE it!)  
Lamplighter publishing sells it here.  Just remember one thing, I like a lot of "boring" books so don't be disappointed if it is "boring" to you!
I give Bruchko, Five out of five stars!!!!!

Have a blessed day!

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