Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lamplighter Book Recommendations

Hi everybody! I am hoping to start a page of books I recommend soon! First I thought I would share my favorite lamplighter publishing books.  If you are new to Lamplighter I highly recommend starting with one like A Lost Pearle or The Lamplighter. They are two of my top favorites!   
Go to their website here to order!

Lamplighter Publishing Books I Recommend:

A Lost Pearle
The Brave Heart
Charlie's Choice
Christie's Old Organ
Christie the Kings Servant
The Cross Triumphant
Glacia the Greek Slave
The Hidden Hand
Jill's Red Bag
The Lamplighter
The Lost Clue
A Peep Behind the Scenes
The Robber's Cave
Titus a Comrade of the Cross
True to the Last
The Wanderer in Africa
The White Gypsy


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