Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I have been up to........

hello all! I know it has been some time since I last updated. I have been very busy doing things that I am about to tell you about. 
I also have a very exciting announcement to make, but I will save that for the next post! :)

You may get an idea of what I have been doing by this picture:

Yup, I've been sewing. I have had a reputation for breaking sewing machines. I was known for getting a needle broken every time I started sewing. So I decided I wanted to break the reputation. I think I finally have! I have been sewing bags and making things to earn money for the Guild by selling them. 

Here is an example of one I sell:

 They are flat bottomed and reversible!

I also make a type that rolls up! That way you can have it in your purse for anything you may need it for!
 It's great for library books to groceries!

And here is one I'm not selling YET. I hope to soon!
It is a reversible book bag that has a quilted front and back.
I love it! I use it a lot, and it's great for road trips! (Because I tend to need at least five books with me in the car. You know, you gotta have your fiction, non fiction, historical fiction, etc.)

I also made these guys. Pot holders. 
I was going to sell them but they some how appeared in my families pot holder drawer.

And next comes the thing that does not involve fabric or a machine.

 I really don't know what to call them but paper bracelets. I have been selling them at our farmer's market. Everyone tells me they made them when they were kids with bubble gum wrappers. 
These have been a great hit and everyone loves them!

The thing that really helped me conquer sewing was a book.
Stich by Stich, by Deborah Moebes 

I highly recommend it to all sewers and non-sewers!

If you are interested in anything I make, you can email me and ask about prices and shipping!
 I would be happy to work something out! I also have many different styles and colors, I will be hopefully posting them soon as well!
 My email is: kidsstuffnews@gmail.com

Have any ideas of things I could make? I love trying out new things!
 Please comment!


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