Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Little Family Trip

Hello all! I thought I would update you on a few things we have done lately. Our family went on a trip to Vizcaya with our aunt. Vizcaya is a hundred year old home that is right on the water. The designs in the house were really neat.  After we went to see the house, we went out for lunch to the Outdoor World. I got my fist dolphin sandwich. ;-)

Here are a few pictures of us at Vizcaya:
Me and Hannah

This is the back of Vizcaya:

Amy and Hannah

I think Hannah should paint this picture

Peter and John-David

Violet looking out over the water

Mama and Me

I promise they did enjoy themselves! 

The side facing the water at Vizcaya:

We got together for a funny picture.


On our way home we passed by 10th Avenue North. The place were the Tenth Avenue North band began! I hope you can read this:



  1. Wow, what a beautiful place! I had never heard of Vizcaya!

    I'm glad I stumbled upon it!

    Elena Alice


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