Monday, April 1, 2013

One Day

One Day

I lay on the couch. My head pounding with every noise. I struggled to breath from the pain in my throat. I lay my head down on the arm of the couch and glanced around me. Amy sat at the other end of the couch reading. Hannah sat across from my reading as well. Exhausted, I closed my eyes. I could feel my skin burning on my face, my eyes hurt when closed. I lay there thinking. Had I ever been so sick? Earlier that day I had been holding my head while rolling in bed from pain. I felt peace at this moment. It was late at night, I was cuddled in night clothes, and I had just finished a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup. Slowly I drifted off.

Suddenly, I saw a light. I opened my eyes not to see the living room I had been laying in, but a garden. I just lay there for a while looking at the beauty. It was so bright. Brighter then imaginable, but it was gentle. I don't know how to describe it. I moved my hand away from my face and felt what I was covered and laying on. Velvet. At least that's what I thought. It was softer then velvet though. I sat up to find my self laying in a open rose that was on the gardens soft grass ground. I began to rub my hand across the flower, I could not get over how soft it was, and how big!
Then, I heard a voice “Melody.” it said.
I turned quickly around, still sitting in the rose. Then, I saw Him. Dressed in all white and shinning brighter then the sun, was Jesus. He was the light. The bright, sweet, beautiful light. He reached out His arms towards me. My eyes blurred from tears. He was reaching for me? What had I done to deserve His love? I felt a wave of guilt. All my sins seamed to flood my mind. But a voice interrupted my thoughts “Melody, I payed the price.” Jesus stepped closer. “You are holy. I love you. You are mine.” I slowly stood up. Walking slowly at first I came closer. Soon a I was running with all my might. I was caught up in His arms and squeezed tightly. I couldn't let go. I just couldn't contain my love for Him. He had freed my from all the guilt, sin, and uncleanness. I felt joy over flowing inside of me. I dreamed of this moment so many times. He looked into my eyes, and said nothing. I could see tears glistening in His eyes. He simply picked me up and placed my on his shoulder. I felt like a small child again. 

He led me through the garden towards a gate. The gate was beautiful, made of one pearl. The gate opened when we got to it. Inside was the new Jerusalem. Inside everyone knew me and I knew them. I knew the baker who came out to see Jesus and waved to me. I knew the children running along the streets towards Jesus waiving to us and hugging Him. I knew the woman who had a bundle of flowers in a basket on her arm. Some how, we all knew who everyone was at what are names were. 

Jesus lead me to a gathering of trees close to the outside of new Jerusalem. He lead me through and pointed to occasional trees. I noticed they all had drawings on them. Suddenly I noticed the ones he pointed out were ones I had made. I saw one I had made when I was three. One I had made when I was six. Along with many others. Then I saw the other trees, all covered in artwork. Some of it was scribbles others were fine paintings. But no mater what it was, it was beautiful. Their beauty was amazing. Jesus put me down so I could look closer. I looked at one that I had drawn that I had always loved. No one else at home seemed to understand how much I loved it. I looked up at Jesus' face. With no words exchanged I almost seemed to hear Him say “It was special to me. No mater what others think.” I smiled and brushed away more tears. I reached out to Him and hugged Him once more. I couldn't believe I could be loved by someone so much! I closed my eyes and felt his robe in my hands. 

I opened my eyes again. Instead of seeing Jesus holding me, I found I had my arms rapped tightly around a pillow. I sat up Amy was gone and so was Hannah. I stood from the couch and felt my head. It was much cooler then before. I checked the clock to find it nearly midnight. I thought back to my dream. Tears came to my eyes. It wasn't just a dream. One day I would get to really go see Jesus. One day I will feel the beauty of Heaven. But while I am here on this earth I will keep caring for my family and do the Lords work. Because this is were I have been planted.



  1. WOW!

    What a beautiful dream! That is so special that you got to experience that dream. I, too, cannot wait to be in heaven with Jesus where there are no more tears and no more pain. <3

  2. Pretty cool dream! and beautifully written!



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