Monday, May 13, 2013

beyond the next bend.....

The air was crisp, with the smell of life flowing around her. She laughed as she ran through the beautiful lush forest. The bright green leaves of the trees flew past her as she ran through them. The breeze floated her sandy hair across her face as she spun and danced through the greenery.
She slowed to a stop near a large oak tree that cast a shadow over her face as it blew in the wind. Looking up she saw glimpses of the sun through its flowing branches. Her dress picked up the wind and began to dance around her. She glanced down to see the flowing white fabric fluttering around her knees. A butterfly flew by her hand that held her dress, she turned to watch it flutter towards a tree with moss hanging low.
The sun streamed down into the forest as she stepped slowly towards the creature. She reached a hand out to touch it, it flew again up in the tree out of sight.
She caught a glance of something glittering as she watched it fly. She looked closer and saw the sun reflecting off of stones. The longer she looked she realized she was looking at a formation of some sort. She looked closer and realized it made a stairway. She followed it with her eyes, searching for the bottom. She found it behind the old oak tree. It was made of firm stone with moss and flower vines growing across it. She looked up to see where it led but could see nothing beyond a bend about twenty paces ahead. So she decided to see where it would lead. She stepped her bare foot on the cold stone and began to climb. Occasionally she would take hold of a vine or branch near by to balance herself. She came to the bend and still only found another bend. She began to climb faster letting go of more branches and jumping a few steps. She came to bend after bend. Becoming anxious for the end she began to go faster up the steps, hardly touching a thing as she bound up the stones. But soon it was no longer easy to climb. Every bend became more hard and agonizing then the last, soon she was running up the stairs her white cotton skirt flying in the wind as she dashed up the stairs. She was determined to get to the end no mater the cost. She climbed those stairs with all her might, while jumping one step she stumbled and scrapped her knees, blood began to trickle down her legs. She held her hand against the cuts and kept going. She kept going firmly, one foot after another no mater her pains from the scrapes. No mater the worry of the torn dress from the fall. She kept walking. No mater the weary spirit that came upon her, she kept pressing forward. Beads of sweat dripped down her face, the breeze no longer blew. The sun beat down through the tree branches harder then ever on her weary back. She kept her eyes above, at the only thing she could see, the next step. Finally with her hair dismantled and frizzed. Her dress torn and stained. Her hands and knees cut and bloody. Turning the last bend, she arrived at the top. Oh, what a wonderful thing she found there. Something magnificent. Something beautiful. Something amazing. Something She could only describe. So I leave you with that. If you truly want to see the end of the stairs, take them yourself, and discover what was beyond the last bend.

Can you tell what this is representing? Comment with your guess!

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  1. a life journey to heaven maybe? that was beautiful! you have an amazing gift in poetry!! keep it up! :D

  2. You are such an awesome writer! I'm really impressed! My guess is that your story represents the Christian walk -- we must always be striving in faith and growing in Christ. It reminds me of Paul and his talk of perseverance in the faith.


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