Sunday, June 30, 2013


.I finished reading a great book a few nights ago, (I know it feels like I'm always finishing a great book) called Hand on the Bridle. It is about a stubborn boy who learns to give the reigns of his life over to Jesus.
Part of the story involves a boy who finds out a dear adult friend of his, is an ex-convict for stealing. He decides to avoid this friend at all cost, but during this time the boy himself had been stealing from a money box he was entrusted with. After realizing he was committing the very sin he was condemning his friend for, he goes to his friend asking for help in what to do and asking for forgiveness for the way he treated him. I won't give away what happens next because you are going to have to read the book.

But isn't it funny that we find ourselves in that same place a lot of the time? OK maybe you aren't, but I am! I will look over and see a girl my age with green hair, crazy eye makeup, and hanging on her boyfriend with equal crazy looks. My first thought is  "Really?!?! You have to make us young people look irresponsible and annoying?", Then I shake my head and say "Lord, thank you for not making me like her!" Then I shake my head again, but this time it's for my reaction "Did I seriously just say that?! What am I thinking! She is one of God's creation! A lost soul waiting to be saved! I'm acting judgmental and prideful. Acting like I'm so much better then her! I was once in her place! Still unknown to the fact that someone died for me so I could be free."  
Man, I can be such a puffed up brat sometimes..... I totally forget about a persons soul! I forget about the story Jesus told about the Tax collectors and Pharisees Prayers. How puffed up the Pharisee was because he was not like the Tax collector, who was a sinner. And then how the Tax collector couldn't even look up because he was so ashamed of his sins!

OK know that I have officially "beat myself up" over this, lets see how I (or we) can fix it.
Lets start with realizing they have a soul too. Jesus died for them too! You know one thing that helped me look at people different was reading the Kids Left Behind books (we are still not sure if we agree with their theology). In every situation the characters would find some way to give the gospel to a person, no mater the cost they knew everyone had a soul and needed Christ. Even if it was just a nurse passing by, or a waitress, or even a guy asking for directions. They had souls and needed Christ. This may seem a little like "Ah, OBVIOUSLY!" but here me out! We get so sucked up in our own personal affairs we forget about the people around us. It's kind of funny I would mention this now because I'm going to the dentist tomorrow at 9:00 A.M. So I'm gonna kind of challenge all of us to share Jesus in some way with someone tomorrow. And see past the outside of the person. I'm hoping you get the point I'm trying to make. Lets stop before we judge a person and think about where they will spend eternity.


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  1. Amen, Melody! I was just talking with someone about this the other day, and I find myself guilty of doing it all the time. Sometimes I find myself in place of the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18...not realizing that I am asking God for the very thing (like mercy) that I'm not offering to others. Thanks for your post!


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