Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Finished my Novel!

My book cover
I have done it! I finished writing my 50,000 word novel! I have finished the Nanowrimo challenge  Lets just say this month has been a coffee filled time. I was able to form a scary first novel. One of those things fans will be begging for me to release in forty years... those are fleeting thoughts. It is a monster of a rough draft. A scary first try. My brother compared it with a lawn that has been mowed and needs weed whacking. (he likes mowing metaphors)

It has been crazy.... I am almost scared of looking at it again. I told my friends I have thought of hiding it under my mattress. or using it to support a weak couch leg. Lets just say I have questioned if it is worthy of even having me look back at it. :-)
But I may try. We will see. Perhaps I will throw it out on Amazon, then pretend it is a joke. I am not sure. But I have enjoyed the past month. It was awesome having a challenge! And it was even better having friends doing it as well and supporting me! My favorite writing spot became our back porch swing. (If you do not know the story of the porch swing and Paul's birth, you must hear it some time!) I loved to sit on it late at night, with our porch twinkle lights, lighting my keyboard. I loved playing music on Spotify the whole time, while drinking coffee and eating chocolate.

Ok I am out of words.... I used 50,000 of them up this month. I will share a bit more about my book later.

Congrats to both my friends who also finished their novels this month! 
Lets all cheer for Kathleen and Lauren!


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  1. Congratulations, Melody! That is a huge accomplishment! Haha, don't worry...your reaction to the completed work is natural. I once wrote over a third of a full-length novel (100+ pages) and then I decided it was terrible so before I knew what I was doing, I had deleted it!! So don't be too critical when you go back over it - try and find at least 3 positive things for every negative one! :)


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