Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Over the last few months.....

My dear blog has been greatly neglected these past few months. Nanowrimo in July, school starting in August, beginning a play, starting to learn karate. It has been busy! But now that nanowrimo has ended and school is getting more organized,  I am begining to get time for blogging. I have been slowly writing another book since nanowrimo, I just couldn't stand being away from writing! I have also been reading a lot. I finished the Circle series by, Ted Dekker. I also read This Present Darkness by, Frank Peretti. That was really good!  I was really encouraged and inspired by it! I can't wait to read the continual Piercing the Darkness.
I had no idea this is what Petra looks like!
My friend showed me a few days ago.
We started practicing for a Christmas play a few weeks ago. You may have heard of the play before, it is called The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I play the part of one of the Herdmans... Six siblings who beat children up and steal stuff. We are basically the bullies and bad kids of the play. Interesting part to play I know, but I am really enjoying it! My real brother is my older brother in the play, and two of my friends got the parts of my siblings as well. 
We also started to learn Karate. I have wanted to learn self defence for a while, so I was pretty excited to start learning. After going to our first class I researched karate like crazy. Our karate belts are different colors than you would expect. You start with white, then go to white with a green tip, then white with two green tips, then green, then green with a brown tip, it goes on until you reach black. Me and Hannah have been practicing the karate we learned a lot. It is fun, but I feel a little crazy running around the house punching and kicking air. :-)  

Hope to post more often now that school is getting normal! Have a blessed day!

Especially when you need to make sure a human body can move
 in the same way you have made a character move. :-)

This is for all those people like me born in 1995-1999 :-)1998 people!!!!!! (Fist pump)

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  1. That's great that you taking Karate! Hope you do well in it. :)


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