Monday, October 21, 2013

Saved by Grace. Dead to Sin.

“I am a sanctified saint. Saved by grace, no longer held down by sin. I am dead to sin. Alive in Christ.” The words were still ringing in her head. She wondered how anyone could really believe it. She walked along the leaf covered side walk. The sun's rays peaked up above the edge of the earth, casting her shadow far across it. A breeze blew her sweater against her body, while she struggled inside to fully understand being pure. “Can I really be this?” She came to sit on a dew wet bench and pulled her knees up to her body. “Can I really be called a saint?” she whispered. The wind seemed to whisper to her, as her loose curls brushed her cheek. “Are you not cleansed by his blood?” She wrapped her arms tighter around her knees, tears filled her pale eyes. “Was Jesus' sacrifice not enough to make you pure?” She laid her head against her knees, the tears began to fall. “You are a sanctified saint. Saved by grace. Dead to sin.” Her body began to shake, sobs poured forth. “You..... are His child.” Her knees fell, she let her head fall into her open hands. A cool hand was laid under her chin lifting it. She opened her eyes. The sun's rays were higher now lighting the whole city. The wind still tossed leaves about on the wet pavement. She sat alone on the old park bench. A smile lit her face, “I am a Pure and Holy child of God. Sanctified by Christ. Saved by Grace.”

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