Saturday, October 26, 2013

To my big sister, Hannah

I sit on our back porch swing. A cool chill is in the air while I listen to Leeland, Thief in the Night. It is the night before my beautiful sisters 17th Birthday. Oh, how I love her. We have been asked if we were twins since I can remember. You now we used to think we were twins? Yeah weird I know, but we assumed because we both loved the same things and did the same things we had to be twins! We share so many things in common, yet we are so very different. One quite obvious thing about the two of us is we both just love Leeland's music, we share the same hair color, we are in love with art, we both adore the book Rora, and we say the identical words at the same time all the time. Well once Mommy finally convinced us we were actually two years apart, we had each grown our own hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Yes there are still multiple things we both love, but I could never be as gifted as she is! She is an amazing artist, despite many obstacles that have been thrown at her, she still pushes to practice and master the art of painting. Thanks to the help of a totally amazing friend, Hannah's art awestruck me from the beginning! I just adore how much she loves and cares for children. She is just so kind and patient with them! I wish I could look at somethings like she does. Her eyes are so full of mercy. I have learned a lot from her. 

Thanks, Hannah, for being one of the very best big sister! I love you dearly, and have been aspiring to be like you since day one! I still remember getting my hair cut and many other things, so that I could "look like Hannah". I love you so much!!!!!! I am still shocked at the thought of you being an adult next year! I feel like I am still in front of the doll house, creating crazy stories with you! Happy Birthday, Princess, Ballerina, Ninja, Artist! ;-) And remember "Everyone has their own sound." 

Love, your little sister,
Melody (a.k.a. Yodie) ;-)

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