Thursday, October 17, 2013

Washed Away

The girls snickered. The boys raised their eyebrows. The adults shook their heads. The little children giggled. She breathed slowly, as tears slipped silently down her face. There she stood, all her sins uncovered. She held her stained skirt and bent her head. Sins coated her bare skin and clothes. Lies, blasphemy, adultery, thievery, hate, and many more coated her skin. Her hope was laid out before her. The waves of Christ sacrifice. The waves lapped against her toes, each new wave took a bit of those sins away. She cringed at first, pulling her feet away. But slowly, she placed them back. The ink slipped slowly off her feet. She stared in wonder at the pure white skin underneath. Stopping she gently rubbed the clean toes. Her dim blue eyes lit. She rose. Scanning the water before her, she looked to the sky. She backed away from the water, every step she came farther into the sand away from the water. By ten feet she stopped. With a gathered breath she took a sprint to the water sobbing, “Freedom!” The cold waves slapped against her legs, causing her to gasp and look back to the beach in fear. She pulled her gaze away resolutely. She pushed farther in forcing the waves to make a path for her. The ice cold water enclosed her, fear still etched her face. But determination was still there. At last her shoulders were covered, she lift her hands and starred as the inky sins slipped from them. She gasped and laid her hand upon her face. Water dripped down her cheeks, she pulled her hand away to see ink covering them. Looking down at the water she saw her ink covered face. Closing her eyes she flung her head under the surface. Coming back to the surface she laughed and cried as she splashed the water, watching the ink float to the bottom of the sea. Pumping her fist into the air while lifting her face to the sun she screamed, “Yes! I'm clean!” The girls covered their mouths. The boys starred. The parents gasped. The little children fell silent. She was free.


  1. Wow, that is powerful! Great writing, Melody!

  2. Girlie, this is awesome. I love you!

    "...and you don't wear your old shoes on your brand new feet, when you've been through the water..."


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