Monday, October 14, 2013

Writing, Writing, Writing!

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Hello all! I have been getting ready for the next upcoming NaNoWriMo in November! I have been crazy  excited planning my novel by using Pinterest for inspiration. You can check out my novel board here. I finished my last novel Worlds Collide, it was nice to finish it! Although I will be missing Nathan and Jenny....... :-'(  In my new novel Another Prodigal, The main character Leann is cousins with Nathan and Jenny! So I still get them kinda in it! Two of my sisters are participating in NaNoWriMo as well! So that is going to be fun to have them at my side!
Here is some info on my main character for this upcoming novel:
Another Prodigal
What Leann looks like most of the time.Leann Richards
~17 years old
~5 ft. 6 in. tall
~Deep brown eyes
~Dark shoulder length hair, long eyelashes, narrow face

Mom: Anne Richards Douglas.
Step-father: Ryan Douglas.
Siblings: Warren, Jill, and Dylan.
Step-sister: Grace Douglas.

Three words to describe her:
Pretty, Rebellious, Broken.
Needs Jesus Christ
Pretty funny how I came up with her name.... I met a girl in our Christmas play named Leann. She's a really sweet twelve year old who is acting as my youngest sister. When she told me her name I instantly got story inspiration. My mind put the story together then set her name as the main character's. And here is the novel inspired by her. What's funny is she is nothing like my character. But when I heard her name I had to use it.

P.S. I went to the Orthodontist today and found out I don't have to wear my retainer full time any more! <fist pump> only at night! 

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