Friday, November 22, 2013

my fictional characters have taken over my life

Hello all! So sorry to not be posting this month! As you know I  have been doing NaNOWRIMO, which well, makes me crazy busy! Let's just say Leann has filled my life with travel because Nathan is being dragged behind Warren who is looking for her across the country. And poor dear, Margery is still thinking Leann is her daughter Norah! Drew is getting a little annoyed with Leann as well. I am trying to snap myself back into my life. 
I thought I would let you all have a peek at what I have been throwing up onto my computer this whole month! It ain't pretty, and it sure ain't edited! So this is a no judgment zone! If you are going to read this and judge then close this tab quickly!

Here is a expert from, Lost amid Losses. My 2013 November novel!

Warren had fallen asleep on the buss while they chugged along the busy streets of Kansas. Nathan read a book on his lap and struggled to keep his glasses on as he was tossed against the large man next to him and Warren sleeping on his other side. He had tried asking the man to scoot over, but after the death glare that came with it Nathan decided he would rather keep his face whole and just suffer with being squashed. His coffee had already been knocked over by a woman in the isle so that had been gone for the past hour. He couldn't imagine sleeping with the sound of the screaming baby behind them. He still couldn't believe that Warren was in fact still asleep. Although he was glad that he was. He sure needed sleep after the past two days. He tried repositioning his feet but only found that they bashed into the suitcase of the man in front of them. At last he laid his book down and tried to stuff it back in his bag while leaning over Warren's sleeping body. His glasses toppled from his head while doing so and slipped under the seat in front of him. He quickly leaned forward and tried to retrieve them but found they had slipped to far underneath. Nathan frantically tried again. He couldn't find them. He sat up and tapped the man's shoulder in front of him. The man turned around quickly, Nathan noted that his dark brown hair was a little long slightly covering his green eyes and he wore a suite and tie as though he was going to work. Nathan smiled sheepishly and waved. “Ah, my glasses fell underneath your seat, can you reach them?” 
  “Oh, yes, yes!” the man said, while bending over in front of his seat. He sat up with a sigh and turned around. He swiped a stray hair out of his vision and held up the pair of glass. Nathan's heart dropped at the sight of one of the lenses cracked and in pieces, the frame of the glasses bent into a 'V'. “Sorry, kid. I think I may have accidentally stepped on them while moving my feet.”  

See you in December after I catch up on my lost sleep!


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