Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tchau 2013

Ah yes, time for the new year resolutions, list of things to do, places to see, books to read, and such. I was planning on making my list, when I stopped. What had I accomplished this past year? The only thing I new I had done on my last new year resolutions was read 100 books. Sadly I cringed when I realized only ten of them were nonfiction. But then I thought of the things I accomplished that were never on my list. I wrote three novels. learned many new songs and chords on guitar. Sewed myself a messenger bag. Designed a bag pattern. Finished a study on 1 John. Did my very first book review on my blog. And to top it off, this past month I began to learn Portuguese! I was beating myself for not accomplishing my list of resolutions, when I realized I was creating a list of accomplishments! Try making your list of accomplishments. It may help with creating your next new year resolutions. I am now going to make a resolution of how many nonfiction books to read. :-) Or you may find the other things God is calling you to. Last year I wanted to write a script. I finished three novels instead. Just list them, see how you may be changing or God may be directing you.

Highlights of 2013

1. Paul was born. My adorable munchkin brother was born in March! he has already started to try to copy us when we talk!
2. I got my braces off. After three years I am brace free! Oh how nice it is to smile with normal teeth! Chewing bubble gum has been awesome. But the best part is eating tootsie rolls!
3. I met a Brazil missionary on my Birthday! looking forward to explaining that whole crazy story soon! It was totally inspiring and shocking! God surely has a hold on my life!
4. I became a teen novelist. I have been enjoying it so much! It has been my latest hobby. 
5. I went to a Leeland concert. A very exciting and inspiring night! We finally got to go to one of their concerts with our friends. 
6. I began learning Shorin ryu karate and earned my first green tip. It has been great! It is a wonderful way to stretch my body and learn self defence!
7. I acted in a Christmas play. Acting isn't really my thing, but I still had tons of fun! The best part was getting to know the kids I acted with. Caleb and Ellie got to be wise men with me. :-) I will really be missing seeing Ellie and Leann every week. Love you guys!
8. I am now a nondairy person. Yeah, awful I know. it turns out my eczema problems have been from dairy! <sigh> But hey, I have been enjoying coconut milk and such. Cheese is sincerely missed. :'( One of my friends is dairy intolerant as well, so we at least get to share in it.
9. I began to learn Portuguese Brazil. After meeting the missionary on my Birthday, I decided to learn the language of Brazil. One day I hope to go and be a missionary there. It was scary beginning, knowing it was my first step towards God's big plans. Oh, Feliz Natal by the way. ;-) 

Top 10 Books of 2013

1. White (third book in the circle series), by Ted Dekker. Absolutely love this book! I read the whole circle series and thought they were simply amazing! Great writing all around!
2. A Cry from the Streetsby Jeannette Lukasse. Extremely inspiring and eye opening! I was in awe after reading it.
3. Fox's Book of Martyrsby John Foxe. Another book that awakens passion inside. Learning more about those crazy for Jesus is always inspiring!
4. This Present Darkness, by Frank Peretti. I loved the writing in this! The constant battles between the angels and demons was just amazing!
5. The Wild Goose Chase, by Mark Batterson. Very uplifting and thought provoking! I learned a lot from it.
6. Brothers at Arms, by John J. Horn. Great writing and very entertaining! Just loved his depictions of all the characters.
7. Crazy Love, by Chan, Francis, Danae Yankoski and Chris Tomlin. Totally love this book! It simply shocked me! Loved it!
8. Hand on the Bridle, by Kathleen Macleod. Another wonderful Lamplighter with amazing characters!
9. The Light and the Gloryby Peter Marshall, David Manuel. I learned so much from this I can't wait to read the next one!

10. Triumphant Return (Left Behind: The Kids)by Jerry B. Jenkins, Tim LaHaye and Chris Fabry. After reading all 40 of these books, this one had to be the best. I was in such awe at the scene of Jesus' return. 

Top Movies of 2013
Monsters University, was amazing! What a relief it was well made! The story was unbelievably good! I still can't believe I saw Monsters Inc. for my third birthday! All I remember was being scared. :-) Expected out of a three year old. 
Grace Unplugged, was very, very, well done! The story was played wonderfully. The quality was extremely impressive! I enjoyed how tastefully they dealt with the uncomfortable situations that may have caused my younger siblings to not be able to see it. Words were placed well and images were avoided. Wonderfully done for the story! Enjoyed watching it and can't wait to see it again!
Frozen, was most likely the best this year! Disney did it again! Me and my sister cried and can't stop listening to and singing the music. I loved that they themed it all after Norway, down to the boots Anna wears! But the best part was the story! Not a bit of it would I change! Sister love shone through amazingly! A Disney princess movie themed around marrying your prince charming! A must see!

What were your favorite books and movies from this year? Any big highlights? Love to hear about others, feel free to comment! 
2013 was an interesting year, I learned a lot. Looking forward to another year on this earth if the Lord wills.

P.S. If anyone is wondering what Tchau means, look it up on google translate under Portuguese. 

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  1. Haha, I just got Dekker's circle trilogy + Green in one massive volume for Christmas so I'll be re-reading them! I love your perspective on listing achievements not just resolutions -- it's always interesting to see how God's plans unfold each new year and His plans are always so much better than our own!


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