Sunday, January 5, 2014

Olá, 2014!

Here we are, the new year. How beautiful fresh starts are. I actually picked up writing in a journal this past week, I have done a few before this, but didn't really enjoy it. I am trying out typing it, and have been having a whole load of fun. It helps me put all my thoughts down faster than hand writing.
 I read three books this week, and I am now left with nothing to read. I don't know why I do this to myself. I read, The Secret of the Lost Settlement, Eternity's Edge, and Aquifer. Worst part is, Eternity's Edge ended a cliff hanger, and I still don't have the continual Nightmare's Edge. Guess I will just have to wait. My sister, Hannah, has been trying to get me to read more non fiction. So I picked up a book called, If I Perish. She also begged my to read Sherlock Holmes. I have read multiple stories in the collection we have, but not cover to cover. So I think that will be another goal, finish the whole collection. 
How has your new year gone? Any goals begun or accomplished? 

I am looking forward to seeing the amazing story of our lives unfold as God writes it this year.


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  1. Hey you! Hannah doesn't have the complete collection! You're gonna have to borrow mine!!
    Love you!


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