Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snippets of a Story

Hi all! I just wanted to post a little Snippet of a Story I was working on this past month. Nothing much, the story still needs a whole lot of research and work, but I am enjoying doing it. Historical fiction has always been a favorite of mine, I decided to undergo an attempt at it with this novel themed during the time of World War II. Is is from the perspective of a young German named Dieter, torn between his family loyal to their country, or his love for Jesus and knowledge of the truth.  

Hope you enjoy this snippet!

Eric stepped over a large puddled and turned quickly down a narrow street. Dieter hated this, Eric’s attempts at out witting him. Loosing him in the crowd to get home alone. He always wondered why Eric was always trying to get rid of him. He never seemed on best terms with him.
Dieter tried not to be rude as he pushed past people on the streets, trying to keep Eric’s jet black hair in sight.

That’s when it happened. This seemed to happen to often. Three thin yet tall boys jumped from the street. One gripped Dieter by the collar and shoved him into a small ally, the other two gripped his wrists. The leader of the three slammed him into the brick wall of the building, sending pain up Dieter’s spine.

“So the boy decides to pay up finally!” the first boy yelled, holding Dieter by the collar.
He tried to pulled free but was back handed across the face by the boy. The two boys next to him held Dieter’s arms against the wall.

“Let me go, Ralph.” He growled, as menacingly as he could.

The boy laughed his dark eyes looking down with anger, “Not until I am payed!”

Dieter forced himself forward, but was slammed back into the bricks again. “What for? I have nothing to do with you.”

Ralph turned to the boys holding Dieter back and laughed, “Täuschen!” the boy yelled at him, then to the boys, “You hear that? He assumes we don’t know. Must we remind you?”

Dieter closed his eyes and forced his head down, “Leave me alone.”

Ralph shoved Dieter’s chin up and starred into his eyes with hate, “I will speak, my lips aren’t sealed for anyone unless payed. How long until they come searching for you?”
The two boys next to Ralph dug into Dieter’s coat pockets.

“How much is on him?” he questioned, still locking eyes with Dieter.

Dieter could here the clink of change in the boys hand’s as they counted.
“Less than a forth of the usual.” One boy grumbled.

Ralph smirked,”Guess you are gonna have to pay us tonight.” He let go slowly of Dieter’s coat, “I will be seeing you around the back of your house, midnight. Bring the usual.”

Dieter straightened his coat and shoved the two boys of with one jerk, “and what if I you don’t?”

Ralph’s eyes turned wickedly as he stepped forward. One well planted fist sent Dieter breathless into the wall. His stomach screamed in protest as he slumped against the bricks. Don’t hit back, don’t hit back, the only words that screamed in his mind. He hated the thought of how easy it would be to take these boys down. Yet he couldn’t do it. Not when his savior had taught him not to.

The boy leaned forward over Dieter’s gasping form, “You know.” He stooped lower and whispered, “Wir beobachten. They are watching as well. How long will it take for your passionate brother to accidentally find out?”

Dieter knew of what he spoke. He refused to let it register, he couldn't let that chilling name enter his mind. The boy pushed Dieter’s hunched form back to the ground.

"The Gestapo search." the voice hissed.

With that, he was left alone in the street breathing deeply, realing from he cutting words.


  1. Hello Melody,

    I am stopping over from Whisperings of the Pen blog :). I love the sound of your story! As it is, I am writing a WW2 historical novel as well, although mine is set in England and Australia. The premise of your story sounds very exciting... war stories like that, with a Christian thread like that, are ones I enjoy.

    Do you speak/write German? I am curious because of the German words in there - or is that part and parcel of research?

    Happy writing ^_^ God bless,
    Joy @ joy-live4jesus.blogspot.com

  2. Hi Joy!
    That's so neat that you are writing a WW2 novel as well! I love writing in this time period.
    I have been researching the German language for it and I do not speak it. I was inspired by the novel, "The Swiss Courier", Tricia Goyer uses German and Swiss like I used it. I highly recommend reading it! (WW2 time period)

    God Bless!


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