Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Loved By The Maker

So let us find our true loves with the love God has bestowed upon usI have found a lover. Jesus. It is funny, I have loved Him for years, yet I never came to really see Him as more then a father figure. Recently it dawned on me that I am his bride. Yes I know, something I really should have thought of earlier. I knew the church was his bride, yet I lacked seeing it on a personal level. He loves me in unimaginable ways. I will never be able to wrap my mind around the thought of how much he loves me. Humans can never even reach the level of love for each other that He has for me. We can't even try to. I am His lover. I am his bride. I am important to Him. I am loved by Him.

Doesn't it blow your mind? A God so large we can't even fathom, loves us. A God who created the whole entire universe, wants to hear about how we feel. A God who can part vast seas, wants to wipe the tears from our faces. A God who is so Holy His angels can't even look at Him, wants to cleanse us from sin and take us in as His own. It just blows me away. I just stare up at him and say, "I am unworthy. How? How can you continue to love me like this after all I did?" Then He whispers to me once again of his love. Reminding me of his sacrifice, to stop letting sin hold me captive. Live in the freedom I have been given. Claim it and the love He offers and turn my back on the sin that haunted me.

Today I live free. I love Him and He loves me. I keep my back to the sin and hold His hand tightly as he guides me through this life. He is my continual companion who shall never fall away, never stop loving me, never be to busy for me. He will never leave me.

He can never leave you as well. All it takes is acceptance. Simply accept His offer of love. He can be your eternal friend.

~Melody Faith

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