Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Counting blessings... in life's hardest times

It has been a long time. Feels like I say that a lot.... But life has been happening, and as you know life

doesn't hand out spare time.

I began counting gifts in an old diary last fall. It was a new approach to appreciating what God has given me. I enjoyed it and kept it up until early this year when I began to struggle with multiple issues that hit me in my life. I was frustrated and confused.  I wondered if I could really even count blessings at a time when I was hurting and angry. I felt like my whole life needed sorting out and all I wanted to do was forget the gifts.
  Slowly, as time went by, I began to pick up the journal and take a stab at jotting down a few gifts. They were forced and it was hard. But eventually, my mind was able to see through the thick fog surrounding me, to see the gifts that sat there unnoticed everyday. 

A cup of coffee every morning.

The hugs of a small child.

Fuzzy blankets. 

Still quiet mornings.

The sunrise that never seems to get old, more beautiful every time. 

  They just began to come. I was able to appreciate them again. I continued the journey of counting the gifts, at times it was very hard. How could I see anything good at a time like this? But slowly the fog would clear and I would be greeted with a blessing. 

After almost a whole year of counting, I approached my gift one thousand. 

1,000. Satisfied

 I thank God for showing me the beauty in this life, even during life's hurts and frustration. He is there and he is blessings us always, bringing us closer to him through his small acts to remind us. He is with us. 

I challenge you, look past the hurts. I know it's hard, believe me. But try. Just forget the issues, the anger, the frustration. Look right in front of you. What are those gifts you have been given?


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  1. Wonderful blog post, Melody! I may have to start doing this.
    Hannah Kate


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