Monday, September 22, 2014

God's Smile

Sunrises. I think we underestimate them. Everyone talks about them, everyone sees them, everyone knows about them, but does everyone appreciate them? we have all seen countless ones. I used to think they were always the same, I underestimated God's masterpiece.

He decided to wow me, he goes, "Same thing every morning? Oh, have I got some pieces to show you." Thats when I started having jaw dropping moments when I watched the sun come up.

I could hardly contain myself, "Guys, do you see that sunrise? Look at all that color, and the clouds! Oh the clouds are gorgeous!"

God just smiled down shaking his head, "You really doubted me?" 

I just stare up speechless. The clouds take on a new shade of color every morning. Bright pink, or maybe a tinge of gold. The suns rays will seep through them casting a golden shadow across the whole display. A deep baby blue peeks through the mix of clouds and light, mixing to create a marvelous display of colors. The picture is need the same, it's always changing. A new burst of light, a cloud moving to reveal another ray of color and light, a shade of pink turning a lighter tone. 

I think God really enjoys watching me staring up awe struck and speechless. My wowed face just makes Him smile. I want to do that more often, I want to bring a smile to his face more often. 

I had a thought the other day... If I was to die today, what would I say I accomplished in my time on this earth? What did I do for Christ? How did I please Him in my short time? After thinking back on it, I finally came up with an answer. 

I have brought smiles to stranger's faces. I have brightened other people's days. I have blessed others in small ways, bringing smiles of joy and gratitude. Never in all my life have I felt more fulfilled then when I make others joyful. 

I have brought a smile to God's face. If all I ever do is make Him smile, I will be satisfied. 

Bring a smile to His face. You would be surprised by the small things you do that make him smile. 


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