Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I Bid 2014 Farewell

Well, the end year has come. That time of the year when everyone goes over what they accomplished,  what they did, and cringe as they look at the failed goals from last year. At least, that is me. But, God saw fit for me to accomplish what I accomplished, and so I am content.

Let's go over the highlights of the year, shall we?

1. I hit sweet sixteen. The age I dreamed of as a little girl. For some odd reason I thought I would be super cool and normal, but by time I hit this magical year... Well, here I sit at my desk with a jelly bean machine, a jar of Nutella and Darth Vader plush to my left, and a stack of books and yarn to my right. I am thinking I am still that odd little kid with crazy dreams and overly active imagination. 

2. I earned the rank of Yon Kyu (green belt) in Karate. The white stripe tells other students I am under 18. Yes, I finally did it! I have finally passed three levels in Karate. I have now done Karate for more then a year and love it more everyday. It is fantastic and wonderful to have the opportunity to do it.

3. I began my first speech and debate class. I had never given public speaking a try until this year, turns out I adore it! I have always loved writing, but writing speeches is even more awesome. Debating is my favorite though, I totally love it and can't get enough of it. Although I must apologize to my poor family who undergoes my enthusiasm for it.

4. I took American Sign Language. I have often considered trying it, but never got around to it until this year. I took a few months to try out a class, and well, ask me to sign "White Christmas" it is pretty fun!

5. I wrote my first trilogy. Yes I finally did it. I finished writing a book series. Of course it is not ready for reading yet, editing is for next year (more on that in the up coming post). As I wrote this, I was faced with a terrible moment in my writing experience... I killed a dear character. I have cried multiple times over his death, no more needs to be said on the subject. :'( You will always be dear to my heart, my darling Ember.

Me as a Wood Elf
 6. Made a cosplay outfit for The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. I had tons of fun and had the chance to recycle clothes I had and got from goodwill to create a whole costume, adding the finishing touches of leather look-a-like bracers!
At the movie with Lauren, (as an Elf) Hannah,  Kelsey (as a Hobbit), and John-David (as Gandalf)

6. I cowrote a book with my best friend! I had wanted to try it for a while, so we decided to try it out for July Camp Nanowrimo. It was so much fun! Of course we have not edited yet, and we both are doubting whether we should. But the experience was awesome all around. 

How was your 2014? Any highlights? See you all in 2015!


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