Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Best of November

Time flows fast when, school is happening, Nanowrimo is wrapping up, and family is visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday. November came and went with the speed of light. My head is still spinning. But I still cherish that month greatly, there is so many special things about it. I wanted to share a few of those favorite moments. 

-My cousin's visited so we hung out before and after Thanksgiving.

-My best friend's Birthday was on the fourteenth.

-Read A.D. 30 by, Ted Dekker, now I am dying for the sequel

-My Birthday was on the fourth. (Sweet Sixteen this year!)

-Nanowrimo of course!

-Got to go see Tenth Avenue North and Royal Tailor in concert, got a front row seat by chance!

-C. S. Lewis' Birthday is on the twenty ninth. His birth date was Nov. 29. 1898, almost exactly 100 years before mine!

-Cold weather has arrived! So the whole, baking in a warm kitchen thing, was appreciated greatly.

-Big Hero 6 came out in theaters, it is so awesome!

All around, this was a pretty awesome November... I loved it and look forward to another amazing month this December. Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving. Enjoy the Christmas decorating and sugar over loads this month!


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